Kenya Yearbook to partner with educational institutions to tell country’s story

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board CEO Lilian Kimeto (left) hands “The Yearbook” to Dr Leah Komen, the Head of Alumni Affairs at Daystar University, during a meeting at the Town Campus.

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board (KYEB) CEO Lilian Kimeto said on Wednesday that the agency would collaborate with leading educational institutions to enrich the communication field and amplify the story of the country.

Ms Kimeto, who was speaking during a meeting with Dr Leah Komen, the Head of Alumni Affairs at Daystar University, said KYEB is committed to shaping the narrative about Kenya locally and internationally and what the government is doing to boost economic development.

“Kenya Yearbook is looking to collaborate with Daystar University on issues of communication, along with other partners,” she said at Daystar University, Town Campus.

“We want to tell the story of Kenya through digital formats such as podcasts, which resonate with the youth and this can happen with collaboration with Daystar. As communicators, we have a duty to serve our country by delivering impactful messages that hold meaning for our audiences,” Ms Kimeto added.

She said the upcoming 2024 edition of the Kenya Yearbook promises a refreshing shift as the publication will tell the nation’s story through the eyes of the youth, utilising their voices and perspectives.

This refocusing aims to make the Yearbook more relatable and engaging for a younger generation.

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board CEO Lilian Kimeto (third left) and Dr Leah Komen of Daystar University (centre), during the meeting.

Dr Komen expressed readiness to support the Kenya Yearbook initiative, adding “We are ready to collaborate with KYEB and provide feedback on its publications.”

She underscored the importance of forming linkages between academia and practice, indicating that Daystar University is prepared to collaborate on policy formulation and practical communication strategies.

“We look forward to exploring areas where we can collaborate with the media to provide the public with vital information,” she said.

Both parties recognised the power of digital media in engaging younger audiences. By leveraging platforms like podcasts and social media, the institutions can make national stories more accessible and engaging for the youth, said Ms Kimeto.

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board CEO Lilian Kimeto (front row fourth left) and Dr Leah Komen (third left) with other officers from Kenya Yearbook and Daystar University.

Others present at the meeting from Daystar University were Dr Daniel Aswani, the Head of Department for Strategic and Organisational Communication at the School of Communication, John-Bell Okoye, Cynthia Nekesa and Alex Mutuku.

Representing the Kenya Yearbook was Hilary Mwenda, Corporate Communication and Marketing Officer.

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